Whatever the Weather

Panel Session for Communicate 2020

Communicate is an annual environmental communication conference organised by The Natural History Consortium. It brings together a diverse group of delegates each year to develop skills, share best practice and debate latest issues in science communication, nature conservation and engaging people with the natural world. We were delighted to be invited to lead a panel discussion as part of the Communicate programme.

The panel was led by Cassie Phoenix, who was joined by project affiliates Clifton Evers – a gender and cultural studies scholar from Newcastle University with an interest in masculinities, pollution, leisure, and Georgie Sowman – a General Practitioner in the North East of England (among many other roles!)

Credit: Lewis Arnold

The session opened with each of the speakers sharing stories around the theme of whatever the weather, making connections with how weather infiltrates their lives, intersecting with their involvement in creative practices, health care, and research. A range of topics flowed through these stories including technology, pollution, relationships (with place, humans, non-humans), local weather phenomena such as sea frets and “fog-bows”. Punctuated by questions and comments from the audience, these topics were discussed with regards to cross-cutting themes such as inequalities, environmental justice, weather literacy, the lifecourse, communication through the arts, health and wellbeing.

Credit: Georgie Sowman

We greatly enjoyed the vibrant conversation and the connections made with people working across the natural environment and science communication sectors. Our thanks go to the Communicate 2020 team for organising such a fantastic event

Sketchnote - Whatever the Weather (click to enlarge)

A number of key points from our panel session were expertly captured as a sketchnote by Grace Elizabeth.