Temperature Life Stories


A new project led by Weathered Lives collaborator¬†Dr Alan Kessedy-Asser, and funded by the Brigstow Institute is exploring how we experience a changing climate through the cultural life of weather. Adopting a ‘practice-as-research’ model of arts-related research, ‘Temperature Life Stories: Feeling The Heat’ will build connection and understanding of each other’s environmental lives through a number of interactive workshops involving stories, poetry, numerical and visual data. Outputs from these activities will help to inform climate impacts science of the breadth, movement and idiosyncrasies of human experience of temperature.

Find out more from the Temperature Life Stories – Feeling the Heat blog.

The interdisciplinary project team includes fellow Weathered Lives collaborator Clifton Evers and lead investigator Cassandra Phoenix, along with Kirk Sides (Department of English, University of Bristol), Caleb Parkin (Bristol City Poet), Ellie Shipman (Artist and Illustrator), Karen MacDonald (Bristol Museums) and Sarah Mountford (Windmill Hill City Farm).

Image credit: Ellie Shipman